Self Healing – Overcoming Obstacles towards Self Love

Self-love. This phrase almost makes one feel uncomfortable just to read it, doesn’t it? We know we need to be kind to others. Is it possible to love yourself? But what about loving yourself? You can see on our website.

It is. It’s just the point. There are moments when being selfish can be very, Very good. This is when you’re going through a crisis of healing and are trying hard to find your way back to full health and well-being.

One of my regular readers sent me a question. “How can there possibly be so many of us who don’t embrace self-love?” Her question led me to a request for advice on making self-love accessible. With this in mind, let’s explore some key tips.

Learn how to distinguish between self-love from self-absorption. You create a safe space for yourself and take care of all your needs. If you have self-love you can feel well enough to let your light and grace flow on to those around you and spread the joy. Contrast that to self-absorption. In your mind, it’s all about you. You are not healthy, balanced, nurturing or giving grace to the guy next door. Let’s move on and forget it.
Learn how small beings can grow to be big. You are and not the poor one …. This is where the developmental psychologist part of my brain takes over. Their brain development begins at birth. Babies have the ability to perceive the importance of something, and can sometimes even be traumatic. They can’t place that event in context. So, when something troubling occurs (as it always does), a child assumes that they the problem. They are evil, unlovable, dangerous, and not worth the effort. That’s false! You can feed your spirit with this thought: God made us. It wasn’t a mistake.
Please bless your family of origin. You will be fine. Your parents have undoubtedly done everything they could to raise you with all the resources they had. Young children can interpret the actions of their parents as being “all” about them (see previous tip), but this is often incorrect. Your parents’ actions reflect your parents. If your parents were too critical, distracted, too strict or too lenient, you should understand that other children born on the same date would most likely have experienced the same thing. A parent’s parenting style can often be more about their beliefs and resources than how a child is as an individual human being.
Be free to make your own decisions about how you interact with your cultural environment. Many cultures use fear and criticism to control their members’ thoughts and emotions. Think back to the stories that you have heard about fear-based, restrictive cults. While it may not be possible to imagine yourself in such a dire situation, remember that fear was intended to control you more than it was about your true self. You’re fine. You are fine. Take care of yourself and find safety. Bring more people into your life.

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