Electronic Hard Water Solutions

Hard water is a common problem in the UK, affecting over 60% of British households. Hard water is simply defined as water that contains minerals. There are three solutions to hard water problems: chemical cleaners; conventional water softening systems; best electronic water softeners.

Chemical Cleaners

There are many options for chemical cleaning products to solve the problem. These chemicals are meant to dissolve hard water residue and must be used often. Chemical cleaners can be hard to use and require frequent cleaning.

Conventional Water Softening System

The water is softened before entering the home by a traditional water softening unit. These systems are installed in the main water supply and require an initial purchase and ongoing supply of salt. Softened water is not suitable for drinking due to its high sodium content.

Descalers magnetic and electronic

An electronic water descaler, even though magnetic versions are readily available, is more efficient. This device attaches at the main water supply pipe. It uses audio or radio frequency to prevent mineral buildup without salt or chemicals. Audio frequencies work best and are not interfering with radio or tv reception.

While hard water isn’t dangerous, it is an annoying problem that can cause major plumbing and cleaning issues over time. Each solution comes with its own advantages and disadvantages. When deciding on the best solution to your hard water problem, take this information into account.