Vinyl Wall Decals Are An Easy And Affordable Way To Update Your Home’s Decor

We all know that times are hard and sometimes some of the things we love will just have to wait. It’s not uncommon to have to make changes in your home boing boing. It doesn’t always have to be. It’s not about buying a new sofa on layaway or looking for the perfect accessory. You could completely change the look of your entire room for as little as fifty dollars. Interested?

Here’s the secret: removable vinyl wall decals. Although they are becoming more popular, many people have never heard about them. So what exactly are they? These are not the sticker packs you will find at the hardware superstore. They won’t remove drywall unless you take them down. They’re not the stencils you will find at arts and craft shops. These kits aren’t designed to be used on drywall and can only be painted multiple times. Splash Wall Art’s modern vinyl wall stickers are designed for interior wall surfaces. They can even be removed! They won’t leave any residue or damage to your walls. The decals are protected with a rubberized adhesive which will stick to your walls for as long as 3 to 5 years. There is no need to curl the edges. You can easily remove the decals by simply slipping a finger nail under each edge. It is so easy!

There are many wall art options that can make your home look great. You can find giant polka dots, branches and six-foot tall trees as well as animals of every type, cartoon or real, giant music notes and palm trees, bamboo, swirls & hoops and many other options. There are many colors available, so you can make your wall decals pop with bright colors or blues. You can also stick with black silhouettes or choose a pastel color to match your color scheme. We can’t forget wall words. You can find great quotes and phrases to put around your home. It’s so simple to put them up. Ready? Next, remove the backing paper from the decal. You will then apply the decal along one edge to the wall. Next, smoothen the surface by applying it to the wall. You can then roll off the transfer papers that you have applied. This is it.