What Does an Immigration Attorney Do, and Where Can I Work as an Immigration Attorney?

Let’s say you want to both be an immigration attorney nyc and do good at the same time. The following paragraphs cover how to become a lawyer if you haven’t gone to law school, which answers the frequently asked question regarding this rewarding legal specialization.

Immigration rules specify who may enter the country, how long they stay, and the legal rights and obligations noncitizens have while in the country.

Immigration attorneys represent private individuals and corporaftions in proceedings before the USCIS, the Board of Immigration Appeals, Immigration Courts, and federal circuit courts involving matters about immigration, emigration, visas, green cards, status adjustments, political asylum, and other significant immigration and naturalization issues. In addition, in relocating noncitizen personnel from overseas to U.S. offices and hiring noncitizens as employees in domestic offices, domestic and foreign firms often turn to business immigration lawyers for assistance.

The areas of immigration law that a public interest immigration attorney might practice include family reunification, cancellation of removal, protection for victims of certain crimes, protection for battered immigrants, protection for victims of human trafficking, and asylum law. Some nonprofit organizations offer other legal services to immigrant populations and advocate for immigrant rights.

Take every course offered on immigration law and take part in the Immigrants Rights Clinic if you want to work as an immigration lawyer. Intern at ICE, USCIS, or a DOJ branch that deals with immigration-related issues. Another choice is to work as an intern or law clerk for the Immigration Court or Board of Immigration Appeals. You may hone your advocacy and litigation skills by participating in Moot Court. Work as a volunteer for a group that offers legal services about immigration law, serves immigrant communities, or promotes immigrants’ rights. Finally, work as a legal assistant at a firm that focuses on immigration law.

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